Driving Test Assistance

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Driving Test Assistance

We provide a number of different services to assist drivers to complete their test.

Please look below the booking form for details of what each package includes.


Price Varies 60 minutes

This is only available for people with their own cars.

Note: If selecting a pick up location other than the driving test centre, please book a 1.5 hr lesson to facilitate driving to the test centre.

Test Accompaniment

100,00 2 hours

This is only available for people with their own cars.

  • 95% + Success Rate
  • Modern well maintained vehicle available to hire for driving test.
  • Specialist, covering the driving test centre in Doughcloyne Industrial Estate, Sarsfield Road, Wilton.
  • All test routes known and covered during pre-test lessons.

Precise proven pre-test information available including:

  • Driving Test Report Sheet used by tester.
  • Sample of most common rules of the road questions asked during test.
  • Technical questions including under the bonnet checks covered in test.

Duration: 1 hr

Test Accompaniment

Due to continued demand, we can now offer an accompanied driver service for students on the day of test which is now a legal requirement.  This service will include the following:

  • Meeting Student at home one hour and 15 minutes prior to scheduled test time.
  • Time to complete pre-test lesson at the test centre.
  • Waiting for student as they complete the driving test.
  • Feedback and analysis of result.
  • Accompanying the student on the return journey.

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